Network Monitoring

NetInf are Paessler partners who can bring extensive experience of infrastructure and network monitoring to your project.

We believe that network monitoring is crucial to ensuring system stability, performance and security, regardless of how big or small your infrastructure is.

All systems should be designed with resilience in mind. However, in today’s 24/7 world this is only half the story. Your own ability to respond to issues as they arise is linked to how quickly those issues are identified. What use is backup infrastructure if you don’t know the primary is unavailable?

This is where network monitoring comes in to its own.

NetInf, Paessler and PRTG

PRTG is an all-in-one network monitoring solution from Paessler. It can monitor almost anything with an IP address and store the data for as long as you need it. With an easy-to use interface, a huge selection of built-in sensors to get started with, and a clear pricing structure, we think PRTG is the best choice for our customers. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t use it ourselves!

NetInf have been Paessler partners since 2016 and use PRTG to monitor our various business systems. We hold both the Sales Professional and Monitoring Expert certifications from Paessler. Coupled with our own daily use of PRTG, this gives us a huge range of knowledge and experience to help you with your own deployment.

Give it a try

With a free 30-day trial and a huge amount of information available online, there’s no reason not to try PRTG. Whether you plan to deploy 100 sensors or 5000, get in touch to discuss the best way to deploy PRTG in your environment.