Cisco 3750 switches provide fibre connectivity with purple and orange patch cables. Are these old switches ready for an infrastructure upgrade?
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How old is too old? When to upgrade your infrastructure

This week we’ll be tacking a question we get asked more than any other: do I need an infrastructure upgrade? It is a great question, with no easy answers – just consider the variables: expected equipment lifespan, support contracts, budget cycles, required capacity, and you’re immediately in a maze of decision-making purgatory. So, how do…

A conceptual image showing networks of sparks spreading from a central circle of light.
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Switch Monitoring: Three Steps to Get Started

Switches form the foundations of your network and whilst they are generally stable bits of kit they can and do fail. When that happens, the impact can be dramatic, not only for your end-users, but also for core network functionality. Implementing a switch monitoring strategy is an important part of protecting yourself from the damage…

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