Network Infrastructure

Designing and implementing resilient network infrastructure is essential for every organisation from business to charities, from government to restaurants. In today’s highly-connected world customers, employees and partners all require network access and won’t tolerate downtime.

Resilient network infrastructure

But how do you ensure that network access is highly-available and resilient to any problems that arise?

NetInf are experts in assessing your existing network, from the core to the edge, identifying the potential for network disruption. Based on our initial audit and assessment, we can design and install resilient network infrastructure that ensures your users have reliable and secure access.

NetInf services overview. NetInf audits, assesses, designs, installs and supports network infrastructure.

We have a broad range of experience in delivering IT and networking projects for our customers. We offer consulting services and expertise at any stage of your project; from inception and design, to delivery and tender management, to project auditing and support.

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Empowered users

Bring your own Device (BYOD) is a hugely important part of your network infrastructure. A properly configured BYOD solution is a great way to enable your users to be overall more productive and all whilst reducing your IT equipment costs.

NetInf has considerable expertise in developing BYOD solutions through our audit-led approach and we provide advice and direction on the changes needed to successfully evolve your current setup in order to deliver modern converged network infrastructure.

NetInf BYOD audit and recommendations process. We analyse all aspects of your network infrastructure to optimise them for BYOD.

By conducting initial audits and developing a staged deployment plan, we will ensure the technical requirements of your project are met whilst keeping network downtime to an absolute minimum.

A template layout for network infrastructure incorporating a BYOD solution.

With full documentation and handover, there’s no reason not to implement your own BYOD system.

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Smart buildings

Netinf can help and advise you in integrating IT systems in to the heart of new and refurbished buildings. With our support, your business can have access to all its systems and technology from a single pane of glass giving you significantly greater control.

NetInf RIBA and building project flowchart. NetInf can assist in tailoring all aspects of building management and network infrastructure to your specifications.

With alignment to RIBA best-practices and a wealth of experience from multiple sectors, NetInf is your perfect partner for building integration.

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